Many years of business activity on the domestic market of direct marketing services, mainly the distribution of unaddressed prints to households, has allowed us to gain unique experience that no other company in Poland can boast.

Thorough knowledge of the market and awareness of the opportunities that our products may give enable us to flexibly tailor the offer to individual needs of your business – whether you run a small company or represent a large retail chain.

Are you wondering why you should choose us?

We are the leader on the market of direct marketing, check out what else distinguishes us!

Knowledge and experience
For the past 17 years we have been dealing with direct marketing in the scope of the distribution of leaflets and advertising brochures for our customers all across Poland
We are a non-public postal operator with the Post and Telecommunication Regulator’s [URTiP] approval number: 10/ZK/04
We have the tools necessary to plan advertising campaigns according to your expectations
Professionalism and quality
We have been cooperating with both the largest retail chains and small businesses for years
We approach each order individually, regardless of the volume of copies ordered
We distribute about 90 million leaflets and brochures monthly for our customers
We achieve the best results in terms of reaching with advertising materials to the target recipients – the average result of mixed checks carried out is 99.04%
Our values
Flexibility – we know the market of direct marketing well, so we can tailor our offer to individual needs of every customer.
Innovation – we are constantly looking for new opportunities for the development in the direct marketing industry, so we are the only company that is able to meet all customers' needs.
Partnership – We primarily focus on dialogue, understanding needs, and expectations, thus achieving the intended effects of the distribution of advertising materials