Our team


Bogusław Wołodźko

Manager with over ten years of experience in the postal and direct marketing industry.

From the very beginning of his professional career, he has been engaged in the market of postal and courier and distribution services.

The graduate of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, where he obtained the diploma in International Relations and the University of Szczecin, where he completed Logistics Management of Postal Services at the Faculty of Management and Economics of Services.

In the Company’s structure since 2012. At the beginning, he held the position of the Key Account Manager – then the Sales Director, Managing Director, and Vice-President of the Board responsible for operational and sales matters.

Currently the President of the company.

In his spare time he loves to practice sports and relax while watching good films. A lover of small and large trips.


Krzysztof Koniecko

Co-founder of Dystrybucja Polska

Previously engaged in the logistics and distribution of the press market.


Grzegorz Tomaszewski

The graduate of Adam Mickiewicz University with the master’s degree in history.

He worked at the Polish Academy of Sciences, in Głos Wlkp., radio RMI, the radio Uniwersyteckie Centrum Radiowe, in the newspaper Dziennik Poznański and in the English-language magazine "Welcome to Poznan." Publisher of local weekly newspapers, owner of a publishing and advertising company.

Co-founder of Dystrybucja Polska.

A lover of history, especially related to the military. He rests while listening to classical and film music, and dances to heavy metal music. Caution – after hours, he gets into the boxing ring.

Director of Operations

Piotr Lewicki

Piotr Lewicki comes from the beautiful Lower Silesia region, more precisely from the picturesque Kłodzko Valley.
He’s been employed in the company Dystrybucja Polska since 2006, when he joined our team assuming the responsibilities of the North Region Internal Controller.
Then, he gained experience as the Head of the Włocławek Branch, Sales Advisor, and Key Account Manager. In 2014 he was designated as the Chief Executive Officer.
Privately F1 racing fan and faithful Culés of FC Barcelona.

Director of Development

Jacek Dębiec

A manager with 25 years of experience at senior management positions. Since the beginning of his career, he has been involved in the press distribution and then in the market of courier and postal services and direct marketing. The graduate of Jan Kochanowski Świętokrzyska Academy in Kielce (now Jan Kochanowski University). He completed studies in the field of international marketing and business organization at the Faculty of Marketing and Management.

In the Company's structure since 2012. He began his career as Regional Sales Director and got promoted to the following positions: Regional Director, Operations and Sales Director, and currently – Development Director responsible for the development of sales of new products and services, as well as marketing.

Outside the office you will find him on a tennis court, cycle path, mountain trail, or a ski slope. He loves music and good cuisine.

Sales Director

Łukasz Wojtas

An ambitious, creative, consistent manager with more than 11 years of experience in companies operating in the field of direct marketing. He graduated from the WSB University in Poznań where he obtained the diploma in Business Management.

In the Company’s structure since 2010. First as Regional Manager, Regional Manager for south-eastern Poland, and currently Sales Director.

When he gets tired of watching football on television, he goes to cross-fit training. While resting, he reads literature, especially Terry Pratchett, or plays strategic board games with friends.