Support AdWords


The success of an advertising campaign is determined by whether it reaches the potentially interested recipient and to what degree it was acquired by them. While printed advertising materials ensure direct reach, in the Internet age every activity should be supported by the on-line channel.

For this reason, we are developing our offer and suggest an AdWords campaign to each of our customers, i.e. Google Text Search Ads and graphic banners on websites that are displayed to precisely defined target recipients – offline and online campaign correlation is the key to the success of your business!

See for yourself how we operate:


1.The selection of precise keywords

2.Devising a graphic design that is consistent with printed advertising material

3.Implementation of online campaign

4.Optimization of the campaign – we obtain a lower price for the ad, simultaneously increasing its effectiveness

5.Analysis of the results of the campaign.


Do you want to improve the effectiveness of your campaign through an AdWords campaign?

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